Saturday, May 14, 2011

Delivery is Imminent

So our hopeful quick trip up to University Hospital for monitoring turned out to not be such a quick trip after all. My blood pressure looked good but several labs were ordered to make sure all was still well. Unfortunately this time around we were not so lucky. Blood and urine results came back positive for pre-eclampsia. The results in a normal woman 31 weeks pregnant with a larger baby with the same results would be in the mild to moderate range. Unfortunately with all my other issues going on (low fluid, abnormally small baby, placental insufficiency, mirror syndrome, etc....) I was immediately moved into the severe category.

This new diagnosis then brought in a move to labor and delivery, an IV and pump, a team of doctors and nurses, a quick ultrasound, and the Delivery Plan. Because I'm severe its no longer safe for me to continue growing Aaron much longer. Things have now been set in motion to deliver in 48 hours. In the ultrasound Aaron came in at 417 grams, our first weight milestone. I was then given steroids to help his little lungs and then put on magnesium sulfate to keep my blood pressure in order. I signed a consent to do a c-section and for the NICU to take our little one. At this time Aaron is looking good and his heart is going strong. As long as his heart stays good and my vitals and labs continue to be stable we may have a vaginal delivery and avoid the c-section. If all goes well Aaron will be delivered sometime on Monday and hopefully not sooner.

We met with the NICU doctors a little while ago and they walked us through what will most likely happen in the first few days. I think they expected us to be more overwhelmed. We smiled, asked a few questions here and there, told them as soon as it was possible Ronny would like to give him a blessing, and told them we were ready for a good long fight but that we would take things as they come one thing at a time.

Forward we go!