Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bark Bark Bark.......Dad!

At 4 a.m we heard the first of the barking cough coming from Joseph's room and shortly after we heard the call for help. NICE! Joseph had his trip to the steamy shower and the humidifier brought back in his room. He slept well after that considering his nasty cough. This also meant a trip to the doctor's office this morning. Joseph's pulse ox was only reading in the low 90's which tells us his asthma which was doing so well before has taken a good hit. He may need to go back on those medications. The doctor examined him and thinks he most likely has the same parainfluenza as Aaron. His lungs sound decent so he was given a dose of steroids for today and one more for tomorrow. Hopefully that will clear everything up. Unfortunately we don't know for sure if its the same strain so we are deciding what to do about going to see Aaron. The thought of not seeing him everyday especially when he is sick is almost too much to think about but we don't want to introduce anything else to him either. Ahhhhhh, we could really use a break here don't you think?!