Sunday, January 29, 2006

still sick, Sunday assignment

We've all been sick over the past few weeks. Right now, it seems that Sam and I are the only ones with lingering coughs. Of course, I heard Charley couging up a storm about an hour ago.

We were asked to lead a discussion in church tomorrow. Sam and I won't make it past Sacrament meeting, so we contacted the bishopric,and they got someone else to do it. The discussion will center around two questions:

1. What should we focus on in our families?
2. How do we focus on those things?

Denise and I talked about this a little yesterday. The typical responses that you would receive from question one would be:

-Family Home Evening
-church attendance
-daily prayers
-daily scripture study

Denise and I feel that these should be the answer to question two.

The answers to question one should be:

-that we have a testimony of the gospel
-that we have a personal relationship with our Savior and our Father in Heaven
-that we have an increasing understanding of the gospel
-that we have a love for our family members
-that we feel, recognize, and respond to the Spirit
-that we teach our children these things

We feel that people go about doing the things they should be doing, but forget why they should be doing these things - and in the process lose a good deal of the benefit they should be getting.

Mosiah 13:30-32

They didn't understand why they were given the law, and they became lost, even as they performed the law to its letter.