Sunday, July 21, 2013

Arrow of Light

At the end of June, Joseph earned his Arrow of Light in cub scouts.  Joseph earned his Arrow of Light  after at least a year from the previous one, and the first to earn it under his mother as Webelo Den Leader.  We wanted to make the presentation a big deal to inspire the boys coming up behind Joseph that this was an important step in scouting.  I searched the web for different ceremonies and picked pieces from 3 different ones and put them together for this night.  Our cub committee all pitched in to make this a special night for Joseph.  We also did Joseph's bridging ceremony into Scouts so Ronny and I both were playing double duty as parents and scout leaders.  I sent him over the bridge and Ronny was there to greet him.

 These first few photos are fuzzy because the lights are off as part of the program.


This year we decided to try our hand at roses in our back flower bed.  The driving power behind this was to try to prevent the landscapers of the town homes behind us from using their four wheelers and trucks from driving over the flowerbed to dump the snow in our yard each winter.  They have killed every plant we have had back there.  We decided on 5 different vines, one for each child.  We weren't expecting any blooms this year, just hoping the vines would show signs of growth.  They have sure surprised us with beautiful flowers!  Our kids love going out and checking to see if there are any new buds too.  After the first bud bloomed, I called the HOA office and very politely complained about the landscapers, and then threatened to send them the bill for all the plants we have replaced because of their actions.  The HOA office promised to take care of the problem.  We'll have to wait and see this winter but our plan is to put the big sticks with reflective tape at the top around the flower bed in hopes to deter their trucks from our yard.

June 2013

 Uncle Jon came to visit for a few hours.  The kids had a great time with Uncle Jon and were sad he had to leave so soon.  Hopefully we can talk Aunt Jennifer and baby Lincoln to come for a visit next time too......

 Another Dragon Award, and another early morning for Mom!  Way to go Joseph keep working hard!

 Ben lost his second tooth, he is following in his brother's foot steps with his teeth.  Quite a few of his baby teeth will need to get pulled as they won't fall out on their own, he has no idea what is in store for him.....
 Father's Day Breakfast in bed.  I'm not too sure how much sugar was on this and yes there was syrup too, talk about sugar high!
Ronny grew his hair out for me, I think he looked pretty good, he didn't care for the maintenance.  His bedhead in the morning though was priceless.