Sunday, June 01, 2008

Charley's New Haircut

When I was younger I wasn't always able to choose my hair style and I pretty much hated it most of my teen years. I told myself that when I had a girl I would let her choose her own hair style as long as it was within reason (No mohawks, shaved heads, etc.) Charley mentioned she wanted to get her hair cut shorter for the summer. I don't mind trimming her hair, but cutting layers and new styles frightens me a little so we opted for the salon. We looked at some books and she chose the style she wanted. She didn't want me to come over to the chair with her so she made all the decisions herself. (I was a little sad about that!) Here's what she chose.

When she was done and walked back to me I was floored, her eyes jumped right out and I swear she aged about 3 years. Where has my little girl gone too? We all think its a really cute cut and she loves it which is what matters most!

T-Ball 2008

( Joseph sliding into home plate, touching the "T" is not the same as the real home plate to these kids)

I finally remembered to take our camera to Joseph's t-ball game (I'm still working on Charley's softball game). I put Ronny to work taking a few pics of Joseph in his more finer moments of the game. I think t-ball is pretty funny to watch and it only lasts about an hour for the game so its pretty quick. At this age the kids just want their hands on the ball, they don't care yet about actually getting an out. Its pretty much a dog pile and fight to see who comes up with it after each hit. Of course after the winner emerges there is the token throw to first base and of course the first baseman can't catch yet so then they have to chase it down. Its pretty funny and it certainly teaches you patience.I think the proportions of these kids heads with the helmets on compared to their bodies make them look like human bobble heads!