Thursday, April 29, 2010


So after lots of frustration and multiple offers on other houses that fell through for one reason or another we have finally bought a home. Phewww!!!
We spent all day yesterday looking at homes trying to take notes on each one so we could make sure we remembered which was which. Our realtor called a builder here in our community to find out what they already had built and those that would be finished in the next two months. We took a detour in the late morning to check out what they had. We had a hard time keeping everything straight. We liked a few but had lots of questions. We then looked at what was left on our list and broke for lunch. After a series of phone calls back and forth between our realtor and the realtor for the builder about different things the their realtor called us back and told us there was one more home that she forgot to show us. We headed on over and met her at a new home that was probably about 80% finished. We walked in the front door and I knew this was the house. We walked through it and the feeling just got stronger. (Thank goodness Ronny was feeling the same way!) We asked about how much it would cost to finish the family room in the basement and to add granite counter tops, and how much they were willing to negotiate on the price.
After everything we went home and prayed about it. We both felt that this was the house for us. So we headed over to the sales office and were pleasantly surprised when their lender was offering 8,000 in closing costs and gave our realtor a raise on his commission as well. Our realtor called us this morning and told us our offer was accepted by the builder and that everything would be finished up between now and June 30 so we qualify for the federal tax credit as well yippee! We are scheduled to pick out paint, carpet, and granite colors on Monday.

Oh and yes, those are snowflakes in the picture. Utah weather!!!! Snow on April 29th, spring where are you????

Friday, April 16, 2010

Charley's New Retreat

I have been wanting to update Charley's furniture for the last few years but finances have never been what I needed them to be to be able to provide new digs for her. A few weeks ago my mom mentioned to me that she had a dresser that her husband was needing to be moved out of his house in order to get ready to rent or sell. Ben's dresser has been held together with staples the last few months so I jumped at it. I jokingly told her if there was any other furniture they needed gone I would be happy to take it off their hands. It was then she told me her hubby had an entire bedroom set for Charley if we wanted it. I thought she was kidding at first and then told her that this was something that I was really looking for.So... last night Ronny and I borrowed my Dad's truck, took the seats out our van, and headed for the Avenues in Salt Lake. When we arrived we were shown the room and my mouth dropped. This furniture was so cute and exactly what I wanted for Charley! Not only that, but there were two dressers a night stand and two bookcases that came along as well. Charley now has the nicest furniture in the house. THANK YOU DEX !!!! A big thank you to his daughters too who were willing to pass along their furniture.

Unfortunately I do not have sheets to fit the bed. That will be something we will have to go shopping for soon.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Early Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!!!! I know its a little bit early but Ronny will be out of town which means I will not have time to blog then. So to all the Mom's, soon to be Mom's, and women wishing they were Mom's, here's to you and all your faith, time, and talents!

Usually Ronny takes great excitement in taking the kids to the store and helping them pick out presents for me. Its always a treat to see what the kids have chosen and what guidance their dad gave them.
A couple weeks ago I was at Costco picking up some things for our primary class conference party and came upon this booth selling these pictures. My sister has one hanging in her home and I have always wanted one myself. When I saw them I jumped and squealed like my kids on Christmas morning and went searching for the San Diego Temple. They had one in the smaller size but the frame was bigger than the print so I decided to go to the bigger one. The price was only $20 different so it was definitely worth it. They unfortunately did not have it there but they were offering free shipping. SOLD!I called Ronny at work and told him about the purchase and told him he was off the hook for Mother's Day. We have been trying to save up money for a down payment for a home but I just couldn't pass this up. I love it! They had several other pictures that I really liked too but I wouldn't look at their catalog in fear of wanting others. They will just have to wait until we can save up for decorating after we purchase a house. I can be patient (at least sometimes.....).

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Watch Out!

As spring and the upcoming sports seasons were nearing, we knew our lives would become significantly more busy soon! We were discussing with the kids what options they had and if they wanted to try something new this year. A gentleman in our ward sent out a neighborhood announcement that he would be starting karate lessons in his basement soon. We asked the kids if they wanted to try it out. He was only charging $5 a lesson per kid so we figured we'd give it a try and if the kids weren't that into it we wouldn't be out an entire season of registration and uniforms.
The kids loved it! Charley found a new friend right off the bat that was her same age and stature (this is saying something!). Charley kicks the hardest in the class (including the boy who is a head taller and 2 years older). Joseph really took to it and is very serious about getting his stances right. Sam is thrilled that he gets to hit and kick someone and that its actually encouraged!

Their Sensei told them they would be sparring in just a couple months and start to testing for belt colors as well. We had the option of buying the Gi or just wearing sweats. I told the kids they had to show me they were going to stick with it before I payed the money for the gi. When all the other kids were putting theirs on and looked so cute I broke down and bought them. I'm such a Mom! After watching them and seeing how much fun they were having I knew it would be worth the money. If not they will have Halloween costumes for the next couple years!