Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sam's first day of school!

Sam's first day of preschool was earlier this month. I failed to take a picture of him before school so I vowed to take a picture after he came home. While I was searching for the camera to take his picture he and Ben sat on the couch to watch a movie. Here is what I found when I came back downstairs. I guess he had a pretty busy day! He is so happy to be back in school and looks forward to the one on one time with his Dad on the bus.

The day after school started he came home with a good little cough. I told him I his coughs didn't sound very good. He informed me his "bless you's" didn't sound very good either.

Ronny turns 34!

Ronny turned 34 this month. As always I told him I would make him whatever cake he wanted for his birthday. Little did I know he would pick one that would be 1. so expensive to make, and 2. so time intensive. This little number literally took all day to make. Now that I have made it once I know how I would speed things up if I ever attempt to make it again. This is a bittersweet triple chocolate genoise, wrapped in chocolate praline sheets. Ours boys have not yet acquired the taste for dark chocolate so Charley, Ron, and I enjoyed the vast majority of this cake. Thankfully we had some friends over the next day to watch the BYU game who like dark chocolate and helped to finish the cake off. Ronny had a great day and we had lots of fun singing to him and showering him with love!

A Little Piece of Heaven

Our neighbor searches us out every few months to inform us that she will be making tamales again. She does this for extra money and knows that we will always take her up on her offer of a dozen for $10. Ronny and I both love authentic Mexican food. I say authentic because the farther you get from the border the harder it is to find good Mexican food.

These are pretty good, not the best we have had, but good none the less. The kids love them too and sometimes Ronny and I find it hard to share. One day I am going to recruit a few friends and we are going to try our hand at making these ourselves. I will of course have to find a nice Hermana to school us in the proper techniques!