Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mom Gets Pinned

Joseph has been working really hard at the different activities at cub scouts. He missed the last pack meeting due to a stomach virus so this month he had lots of awards. The bishop's wife came in and had a ribbon around her neck with all the pins her boys had earned over the years. I thought that was a great idea and will have to go and get one myself. I grew up with all sister's so I am learning all about cub scouts. I never understood why they pinned their mother's until Joseph has started. He has great leaders who really take their calling seriously and have these boys on a schedule to earn as much as they can before moving onto Bears and Weblos. We are so fortunate to have them. Joseph looks forward to scouts each week! Now I need to get everything ironed on before the next activity.

Halloween 2010

Introducing: Joseph the Jedi, Ben as Chicken Little, Charley as a 50's teenager, and Sam the race car driver.
Getting the 4 of them to stand still and smile was crazy! ( I couldn't get Charley to show off her skirt that Grandma made but it was super cute!)
Ben was also a horse.
(One of the many perks of being the youngest is that there are many costumes to choose from!)
Ben's preschool class party. Unfortunately a few were sick and missed out. One of the hard things about having kids in 3 different schools is that they all have their class parties at the same time so Mom has to pick who's she will attend on which holiday.
All lit up!
Top to Bottom: Charley's, Ben's, and Mom's
Why is it once the jack o lanterns are lit up at night they take on a completely different appearance?
Top to Bottom: Joseph's, Dad's, and Sam's

We had 4 more in the back of the car that didn't get carved. We were too tired and out of time.

(We let Charley take the pictures today so Sam and Dad missed out of showing their's off before heading to the porch.)
Mom separating out the pumpkin seeds. We ended up roasting 6 cups of seeds.

We were happy to have Grandpa over for dinner before heading out Trick or Treating. We followed our tradition and tried out a new soup recipe. Since missing this event last year due to the Swine Flu the kids were hopping to get started. The weather was terrible with rain, wind, and cold temperatures. Something we have grown used to. (Joseph grudgingly wore a sweatshirt after mom explained the Jedi robe was not warm enough!) Grandpa offered to hand out candy while both Ron and I headed out with the kids. Within an hour the kids pumpkins were full and our hands were frozen so we headed in. Our sweet neighbor had special treat bags made up for just our kids that they were thrilled with and we ended the night at their house. We have our quota in candy and may sell some of it to their dentist just to get it out of the house! We had some friends surprise us by stopping by and playing until bed time. The guys of course headed downstairs to watch the Oregon v. USC game. It was such a fun night!

Phineus and Ferb Inspriations

(Sam actually reading a card before the wrapping paper starts flying!)


Sam turned 7 years old this week. We celebrated on his birthday with just us and then threw a party for his friends on Friday after school. Sam opted for a Phineus and Ferb party. If you haven't seen this cartoon its about two boys who are bored during summer vacation so they decide to build fun things like roller coasters in their backyard and bring dinosaurs back to life and build theater stages for the neighborhood. They seem to always have things cleaned up before their parents arrive home which annoys their big sister.

We took the show to heart and built a bowling alley in the garage and had Lego car building races in the living room. We also decorated pumpkins and had a treasure hunt. Sam had a friend also celebrating a birthday and his mom asked if we could combine the parties (something I will never do again by the way!). We had a great time and the older brothers and sister were great helpers! I was so happy to have them there helping because all the prep work to get the party put together wore me out and it freed me up to take pictures while the kids were at their various stations.

We are so happy Sam had a good time!

Some of our helpers. They restacked the bowling pins countless times and were happy to do it.

Decorating pumpkins

Bowling a strike!
Sam smoked everyone in the Lego building contest. He even put the stickers on before anyone was even close. That kid is fast when it come to Legos!

I had planned on the cupcake tower being the cake until the mother of the other birthday child insisted on her son having his own cake to blow out the candles. So I did the cupcakes for the masses of kids and small individual cakes for the birthday boys.

Bowling Fun!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Red Slip" Revisited

Today another "red slip" came in the mail from the Principle at Sam's school. I was concerned when I first picked it up. Here's what it said:

We're proud of Sam Bjarnason because he is an awesome 1st grader. He is a strong reader and a super speller. He pays attention to detail and does his best work. Way to go Sam!

It signed by the principle and his teacher. Quite a difference from the last ''red slip"!

Last night Sam told us he was tired of being a 1st grader and that he wanted to be in 2nd grade. He cried for a good hour. This note made his day and he says he likes being a 1st grader again.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Red Slip

After school yesterday Sam came to me with his head down quietly said "I'm sorry Mom" and put a red slip of paper in front of me. This was a discipline notice sent home from his teacher for me to sign. I asked Sam what happened. He informed me that he and 3 other boys climbed up on their desks and jumped off when their teacher had left the classroom and two girls tattled on them. I had to bite the inside of my cheek from laughing out loud. Every ounce of me wanted to laugh, give him a high five, and say way to go Sam. I was good, I didn't encourage the behavior even though I could remember countless times wanting to do something similar at his age only I was too chicken to do it. I asked him how he should act when the teacher was not in the room (part of me also thought, that's what you get when you leave a room full of 1st graders alone), he said he should act like his teacher is still there. I knew he knew what the "better" choice should be and that was the end of the "talk". I signed the slip and handed it back. He asked if he was in trouble "not one bit" I said. He was way harder on himself then I was and I felt that was punishment enough!

Sam has really struggled with full day school this year and his hyperactivity. He works so hard to stay in control at school and so when he gets home I pretty much let him go. The other kids tell me Sam is really loud at home. I just laugh and explain to them that Sam does his very best to keep it together at school so I give him lots of room to get that extra energy out at home. It makes home life a bit more interesting and difficult at times but considering how hard he works at school I think the rest of us can work a portion of that hard to accept the extra energy at home. I know there are times where that energy is going to get the best of him at school and anticipate more of these "red slips" coming home. I will happily sign every one of them knowing how hard Sam is working, especially if they are about doing something as small as jumping off his desk when his teacher is out of the room.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


So you know you are married to an academic (aka.. a nice way of saying total nerd) when he orders a math textbook with his birthday money. Then he gets completely engrossed in it and occasionally laughs out loud while reading it. I love him dearly but really a math book for your birthday, I guess if that's what you want......

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Comedy of Loose Teeth

Denise has already posted about some of the kids misadventures with the dentist (Dr. Branton Richter). Recently Charley and Joseph visited the orthodontist for the first time. The verdict: Charley is going to need braces sometime in this coming year. Joseph is going to need a retainer (or similar help) in the next year, but needed to have 3 teeth pulled immediately, so we scheduled another appointment with Branton for the extractions. One of these teeth was already loose, and so we figured we'd pull that one on our own and save a few of our pennies. While this was all going on, Sam was getting his first loose tooth. He was really excited because for years he's been watching Charley and Joseph get rich of missing teeth. (Holy Cow! Our tooth fairy pays out a whole dollar!) For a few nights in a row, Sam would ask me if I would wiggle his tooth. We had a deal worked out where he would let me put my hand in his mouth and move things around as long as stopped when it hurt (he'd let me know by saying "AAAHHH!!"). Sam really wanted to get his tooth out, but was really nervous about the pain, wanting to know exactly how much it's going to hurt and for how long.

While I'm wiggling Sam's teeth, Joseph starts to wiggle his loose tooth, which we can tell is on its way, but still has some serious root there - maybe a week or two before it's ready to come on its own. He asked me to feel how loose it was, so I reached in, felt that it was pretty loose, and without warning, cranked on it as hard as I could. The tooth fell to the ground, and Joseph started to wail. No doubt it hurt, but I really surprised his as well. While he was going through bloody napkins, Sam started hopping all over and breathing heavy. Denise and I had the same thought "Great, now Sam's never going to let us get his tooth out!", at which point Sam shoves his finger in my face and commands me "NOW YOU HAVE TO PULL MINE OUT. IF YOU DON'T YOU'LL HAVE TO PAY ME MONEY!!" ... really, I'm not sure where that last part came from.

So with a fresh napkin, once again I reach into Sam's mouth. I explained that it was going to hurt and that he was going to bleed. Unlike previous attempts, he kept his hands still to his side - not on my arms, breathing nervously, but resolute that he was going to lose his tooth that night. I had to laugh a little at the whole experience, but with one good yank, his tooth was in my hand. He didn't wince, he didn't cry. I showed him his tooth, and he said "That didn't hurt at all".

I'm pretty sure that the tooth fairy had to make an unexpected stop at the grocery store that night to pick up some extra cash.

Happy Birthday Ronny

Ronny turned 36 this month. His birthday always falls during conference weekend. Usually this weekend has some member of his extended family visiting. We decided to make it a tradition and have a big Bjarnason family dinner Sunday night after conference and invite all the those in the area to come and celebrate and be together. (Unfortunately I forgot to get a picture of everyone before they left.) Thank you to all those who were here, we love having you!

This year the kids were super excited to give their gifts to Ronny. It was so funny watching the kids unable to stand still while their dad unwrapped his gifts. Sam was the most excited as his gift was a shovel. (I was hesitant to give this to him as usually shovels come with holes and I really don't want any holes in my yard right now.)

Here are a few of Ronny's many accomplishments in the last 36 years in no specific order:

1. Completed 5 marathons
2. Completed a Phd
3. Got a job that pays the bills!!!
4. Bought a house
5. Has helped to bring 4 children into this world and teach them daily
6. Married me :)
7. Read the Book of Mormon by himself countless times, and as a family almost 10 times (we hope to finish the 10th before the end of the year)
8. Taught his kids to play baseball
9. Coached his kids soccer teams
10. Reads and teaches his children about the scriptures and their Heavenly Father daily.

Ronny really is the greatest guy (which is why I married him!). He serves his family and his Father in Heaven humbly every day. We sure do love him!!!