Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Is it really that bad?

Ever since the first day of Sunbeams Sam has pretty much hated Primary at church. This of course breaks my heart as a former primary president knowing how much work goes into making primary a good experience for every child. Every day Sam comes to me and asks if it is Sunday. On those chosen days that it actually is, Sam immediately goes into the routine of fits, convulsions, you name he's done it, at least that is what I thought until this last Sunday. The last few months Sam has tried to convince us he is too sick to go to church. He has done the standard "my tummy hurts", fake coughs, and asking if he has a fever. This last Sunday he went into the kitchen grabbed a container from under the sink and gagged himself causing him to throw up a small bit. Then he brought it to Ron and I claiming he had the flu and that he needed to stay home. "Is Primary really that bad for you Sam?" He of course said yes.

If I didn't think church was that important I would have given up a long time ago, but I know its important that we go every week and that he needs to be there as much as the rest of us. I pray every week this will get better. In all honesty it has gotten somewhat better. He hasn't cried the entire two hours for the last few months (barring this last Sunday). We have been doing positive reinforcement with him (or in simpler terms "bribing"). If he can get through Primary without crying and needing a parent he gets a treat when he gets home. I had a Primary calling for a while just to see if things would get better. It actually got worse so when they called me into Young Women a little over a year ago it was a relief to both of us. I wish I knew what to do for him. You can bet we will be discussing this at his next IFSP meeting with Early Intervention.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Joseph turns 6 with R2D2

Here's the cake I made for Joseph's 6th birthday. We had lots of fun with this and it turned out pretty good. Of course I can see all my mistakes and I may add more later. Unfortunately you can't see the detail work on the white with this camera, I think it adds so much more to the cake. This cake weighs at least 20 pounds. If I had a scale I would weigh it.