Sunday, January 04, 2009

Christmas 2008

We had Christmas this year in UT at my mother's house, although she was not there as she was on her way to the airport for her honeymoon. However Aunt Michelle did spend the night to join us for the Christmas morning frenzy! Santa did well this year in listening to the kids wishes. He brought Charley a new backpack and new art supplies, Joseph a guitar, Sam two remote control cars (one for him and one for a friend or brother to race against), and Ben more letters to make words. The best part is watching the kids and enjoying their excitement as well as just being together as a family. We loved being near my family again after being apart for a while. I even met a new nephew, we bonded immediately and became good buds (Little John, your awesome!). It was a wonderful holiday, even with all the work it took to get everything there. (We actually maxed out our checked bags on the flight at 12, not to mention the carry on bags we took, crazy!) Hopefully these pictures capture some of the joy we shared in.