Tuesday, February 14, 2006

weekend update

So the big news over this last weekend was the purchase of a bunkbed. Denise and I took the kids shopping in the morning. We looked at Gibbs furniture first. We were in the market for a bunkbed, mattress and some dressers - all as adjustments for the new baby. We figured the kids would need to adjust enough when the baby came that we could take care of sleeping location adjustments before Baby Ben came. Anyway, we looked at three places and I went back to Gibbs around noon to get the first bed we looked at. They were able to deliver around 4pm, so the kids were very excited and practiced the rest of the day climbing over, under and through the bed in every way possible.

In other news ...

Denise came home with Charley (fever) and Sam (cold) after Sacrament meeting. They both seem to be doing much better this morning.

Charley officially has three loose teeth. The one on top has been loose since before Christmas, and we haven't even been paying attention to the bottom teeth, so we were plenty surprised to find her two new bottom teeth already broken through and the two bottom baby teeth almost falling out. I pulled on them tonight for our Family Night activity, but couldn't get either of them out. Charley was very brave. I remember how much I hated having other people's hands in my mouth when I was a kid. She was a trooper while I tugged on them.

Joseph is having a tough time adjusting to the new sleeping arrangements. He's used to having me put him to sleep, but now he's in the bunk beds with Charley. I wish this were easier, but I'm glad we're doing this now and not with a new baby in the house.

Sam is so excited to learn his letters, colors, numbers and everything else. We only wish we could get Joseph to be so excited.