Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Aaron

There are days where I feel like its been so long since Aaron was here, and then days where it seems like we just headed up to the hospital yesterday to hold our sweet boy.  Days like today I can still feel him in my hands and see his tiny body and sweet little face.  His spirit continues to fill our home and he is never far from our thoughts.  I am sad we are not closer to go and place flowers at his grave whenever the thought arises, however we are fortunate enough to have family and friends who lovingly do this for us.  His birthday is always more teary for me than his Angel Day.  I'm not sure why that is but it is what it is.

A big shout out to Sweet Williams Floral in South Jordan who create such wonderful arrangements for our boy in mind and who are so gracious to deliver them to his grave for us.  They even snapped this photo and texted it to me.  Meghan and JD we love you and appreciate all you do for our family!

Normally our family heads to dinner and then to his grave to place flowers and send off notes attached to balloons.  We would have snipped a few of the tulips we planted for Aaron and take them with us.  With our relocation to Texas that is not possible this year.  Activities are always scheduled this time of year with the school year ending so we are adapting once again.  Ronny is headed to the Father and Sons campout with the boys.  If Aaron were here he would be headed out with them.  Charley and I are headed to dinner and a movie with her newspaper class and tomorrow we will be shopping for summer clothes and girls camp needs.  Tomorrow evening we will go to dinner as a family once we are together again.  As much as I would like to be together as a family tonight, I know if Aaron were here he would be soooo excited to be camping with the boys so that is where they need to be, and Charley and I will enjoy our girl time too.

Aaron we love you!  You are always in our hearts and never far from our thoughts.  We sure do miss you little one.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Ben's Baptism

 At the end of March Ben made the big decision to be baptized.  He was soooooo excited!  Ronny said that when they were in the changing room getting dressed for the confirmation that Ben quietly said to him, "I can't believe I am FINALLY baptized!"  In the process of getting ready we discovered the suit that his two older brothers wore at their baptism just may be big enough for him to wear as well.  He wore it for two weeks and then had outgrown it.
 We were fortunate to have Grandma Terri fly in.  Uncle Jon, Aunt Jennifer, Lincoln, and the Stenson families all drove in too.  We were sooooo happy that Ben was able to have the support of so many who love him, especially those who were not able to be there with us who wanted to be.  Ben and Darin Stenson were born just 2 months apart and we were excited to make the trip down to see Darin baptized this last week.  Who would have thought 8 years ago our two families would live so close to each other now in a completely different state!?!  Between us we each have one girl and almost a baseball team of boys.
 I'm sad we didn't get any pictures with Jennifer and Lincoln.  We will just have to make a trip to see them to rectify that!