Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Surprises!

So knowing our family, would a Sunday really be complete out our house without a minor emergency? Apparently our children don't think so.

Tonight we sent Ronny off to Stake Priesthood meeting and the kids and I made a deal. If they would clean up the family room we could watch a Sunday movie and pop popcorn until Dad came home. I started them cleaning and headed upstairs to call a friend about something that happened in nursery today. It wasn't too long before I heard yells and tears downstairs. I tried to ignore it in hopes the kids would work it out themselves until I heard the magic words, "Mom Charley's bleeding and there's blood everywhere!" That'll get you moving. I got off the phone headed downstairs to see Charley spitting blood up blood, so I ushered her to the sink and tried to get the story from the boys. What I got was, "I don't want to tell you mom because you'll get mad at me", from Joseph. After seeing the look I gave him he decided fessing up was the better option.

It turns out Charley was spraying Joseph with the water bottle, Joseph got mad, threw a soccer ball at her face and the result was one permanent tooth broken in Charley's mouth. I called my neighbor back to come and get the boys and we headed out to find Dad and decide if we should go to the emergency room or call the on call dentist. There was so much blood at that time I couldn't tell how bad the damage was and wasn't sure if her gums were bleeding. By the time we got to the church the bleeding had stopped, we found Ronny, and could tell it was one broken tooth but the root was exposed. We headed back home, Ronny called Uncle Aaron and I called the dentist. We also were able to find the broken tooth on the floor and quickly got it in some salt water.

We find out tomorrow if the tooth can be saved and wether or not she has to have a root canal. Joseph and Charley hopefully learned a lesson tonight all be it an expensive one. Lets just say they won't be doing anything other than extra chores for a few days!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Blessings

So as you all know yesterday was Mother's Day. It started off like most, breakfast in bed made by the kids and Dad. (Sam woke up too late to help and insisted I eat again so he could help make breakfast, too cute!) Then the craziness began. Joseph started to complain his ear hurt so we pulled out the otoscope (sp?) to check things out. One ear was cloudy and the other was bulging and raging red. We gave him some tylenol and a warm compress as we started to get the others ready for church. After Ronny left with the kids Joseph settled down and watched a movie. 15 minutes later Ronny was back from church with Sam who had a major allergy attack after walking into Scrament meeting (probably due to the flowers). After returning he was able to catch the last minute of the children singing to their Mother's. Charley was positioned in front of the microphone and it sounded like a Charley solo with the rest of the children as back up singers. (I wish I was there to see that!)

Ronny returned from church at noon, we called a neighbor in for a blessing for Joseph, and then he and I headed to the Urgent Care as his ear now looked like it was on the verge of rupturing. After two hours of waiting (it was really busy!) we finally saw the doctor, she was able to numb his ear with benzocaine and write us a couple prescriptions. She also told us Joseph should now be on Zyrtec until July as his allergies were probably the culprit for the massive double ear infection he was now suffering (2 in a month!). Poor guy. After we filled the prescriptions we went home to crash and make dinner. Ronny had cleaned the kitchen and made me my favorite chocolate oatmeal cookies. Yum!

During those quiet minutes at Urgent Care comforting my son I realized how truly blessed I was. Here was my son who the Lord has blessed me with wanting to sit in my lap and be comforted, no one else, just me Mom. When we came home he wanted to snuggle up next to me and take a nap. What a treat! When Sam had come home from church he immediatley sought me out and wanted comfort as well. Two of my boys wanted their Mother's love. Through out the day Charley and Ben would wander in for a chat and a quick hug. What could be better than that on Mother's Day? So yes, it was a very long day filled with lots of crying and discomfort but I wouldn't have traded a second of it, knowing your kids love you that's the best gift anyone could give a Mother on such a day!