Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Family Night

Last night during family night we had the kids line up in their chairs. Ben was so excited to sit with the big kids. Our family night was on Obedience, I bet you can guess why. We were actually shocked they could sit so close to each other without conflict. They lasted for about 3 minutes just long enough for us to get through most of the lesson. Ronny also gave the 3 older kids father's blessing for school this year. They certainly didn't last through those. We had them practice being obedient by putting their clean clothes away after only being asked once. Then Sam led us in a game of red light, green light. We'll see if the lesson had any effect on them this week. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

First Day of School Take 2

Monday was Joseph's first day of school. He loves it of course. However, he has gotten it into his head that since he is now old enough to go to school he can do anything he wants including misbehave. He's been a pill this week. We asked him if acts like this at school. His response was, "Oh no mom, I am so good at school, I'm only bad at home." We told him if this continues he would have to wait one more year for kindergarten, he's finally getting the picture. He also informed us that his teacher makes them work to much and that they only get to play a little bit. There are only 11 kids in his class and the boy that sits next to him is on his soccer team. His parents are from Africa and his Dad teaches at OSU. They are great people and remind us so much of the Esseman's from Turlock. The school just redid their playground and Joseph says its "cool" he only wishes he could play on it longer at school. He is doing well.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

1st Day of School Take 1

Today was Charley's first day of school. She was ready 20 minutes early and was having a hard time containing her excitement. Unfortunatley the bus driver was not so ambitious as she was 20 minutes late! So, Charley was late to school. Grrrr! Ronny and I are hoping to meet with her teacher soon to discuss our options for either having Charley move to the 3rd grade or at least attend their reading and math times. Its an uphill battle but one we are determined to accomplish this year.

A new girl moved in a couple doors down that is in Charley's grade and goes to church with us. They have been inseparable since she moved in. Charley refers to her as the sister she has never had. Anyway, Erin is in the class right across the hall from Charley's room. They were sad they weren't together but I think the parents are happy they don't have to worry about their chit-chatting in class.

Joseph starts school this coming Monday and Sam starts on Oct. 2 so we will have the first day take two and three shortly.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Sam's Meeting

Last Thursday Sam had an appointment with Early Intervention. As we were walking in to the meeting Sam asked, "Is it going to hurt Mom?" We assured him he was just going to go and play. Sam played with one of their child evaluators while Ronny and I answered questions with another evaluator. Ben came along as he had a "gunky" eye and we didn't feel that we should leave him with the neighbor. At the end of the evaluation Ronny and I discussed the results with the evaluators. We discovered Sam is a complete visual learner, he does not respond to hardly any auditory stimulus. This was a light bulb moment for Ronny and I as this answered several frustrations we were having. Sam has also been assessed at being significantly low in social/emotional behavior and adaptive behavior skills. Sam's pediatrician agrees with us that Sam is ADHD. Sam's pediatrician recommended Sam see a child psychologist, however we are still battling with our insurance before he can go.

Early Intervention will now send a team of people over to the house to determine the best course of action to get Sam caught up before he goes to kindergarten. He is already signed up for preschool so this may just be sending over an aid to work with Sam at school. It was very interesting to talk to the evaluators about Sam and where he is at. Ronny and I learned a lot just in the hour we were there. It was also interesting watching Sam interact with the evaluator and Ben or lack there of. The last question the evaluator asked us was whether or not Sam was different. I thought that was a funny question. Of course he's different, why do you think we are here?