Friday, October 19, 2012

Bad News

Today we went to the doctor to have Joseph's finger x-rayed again to check on his knuckle and growth plate.  Sadly it turns out Joseph did brake both the joint and damaged the growth plate.  The doctor told us we should have had it x-rayed last week as Joseph would have then been referred to a hand surgeon and discussed surgery.  Unfortunately we are now 2 weeks from injury and things are a little more complicated.  I told him the doctor at urgent care told us to wait 2 weeks which is why we waited until now, had he said to come in a week we would have come in a week.  (I am none to happy at this point!)  So the new plan is to put Joseph in a hard cast and have it x-rayed again in 2 weeks and if things still look as they do then refer us to the surgeon.  AHHHHHHHHHHHH!  He also told Joseph no more soccer. He is bummed as there are only 2 games left.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Something the think about.....

The other day I was driving to work and just thinking about all the things that needed to happen that day and then about everything that needed to get done the next day, and so forth.  Usually driving is when I get teary most of the time, you know when a song comes on the radio, or I pass a certain landmark and the flood of emotions come and it just gets the best of me.  Yesterday I did get teary too but not for what usually brings those tears.  Somewhere in the midst of all the "to do" items I was thinking about, I realized just how happy and content I was.  I thought wow, I am one blessed lady!  I have a great marriage, I have great kids, I have a job that I love that allows me to be a full time Mom at home, I have great students that love to learn, we are still financially stable even with all those medical bills to pay off, I get to serve my friends, neighbors, and some super cute kiddos at church.  Wow, life is really good!   I realized although I still have lots of crazy going on with places to be and things to do, and stress here there and everywhere, amongst all of that I am still amazingly blessed and am really happy.  Which of course brought tears of gratitude for those wonderful blessings, (nuts how those pesky waterworks get in the way sometimes!).  With all that has happened over the course of these last few years the Lord has continued to bless us and wants us to be happy.  Trials come and go, some of those trails are overwhelming and last longer than we want them to, yet life still continues on and I am seeing the sunshine, the joy, and overall beauty this life has to offer.  Life is good!

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Bubble Boy!

Ready to play, ironically today is picture day for the team.  NICE.....

Friday, October 05, 2012

Taking One For The Team

On my way out the door to take Charley to karate and head over to my own volleyball game Ronny called from soccer practice.  I couldn't think of why he would need to call me as he should be loading up to take the boys over to karate as well.  When I answered he explained that Joseph blocked a shot from a teammate and was standing next to him with his pinky finger now pointing straight out.  So, change of plans!  I met him at the field put the kids in my car in his, put Joseph in mine and we headed over to urgent care.  We called the grandma's while we were waiting to be seen, they helped distract Joseph from the pain.  Thankfully there were only two people ahead of us.  They took 3 x-rays and I am still amazed at how quickly they get those back now with all this new technology!  The doctor came in and we all looked at the scans together.  Sure enough they showed a break in the pinky from the joint closest to his hand all the way to the next joint.  The doctor didn't think he damaged the growth plate but wants more x-rays in 2 weeks to make sure.  He then started to explain the splint Joseph would be getting.  We both laughed and Joseph held up his index finger and told him we were more the experienced with fiberglass splints.  The doctor was pretty impressed and wanted to hear the story which Joseph happily supplied.  We asked if Joseph was able to still play in the games and were pleasantly surprised when the doctor said that if we wrapped his hand in bubble wrap he could play, although playing goalie was out as is karate and dodgeball!  I can't wait to take a picture of this one!  Thankfully this time it was not his writing hand so school shouldn't be too much of a problem.  I am amazed at Joseph's pain tolerance last night when they were manipulating his fingers in the right position for the splint.  He was a trooper!

Happy Birthday Ronny!

This last Tuesday was Ronny's birthday.  Unfortunately we were so busy we had to postpone celebrating until Wednesday night.  He really wanted to have chicken wings for dinner and be the one to barbecue them.  I had everything ready for him when he came home from work.  He went out to the grill to heat it up and when he was ready to put them on he discovered we were out of propane.  We loaded everyone in the car and headed to Buffalo Wild Wings.  Ronny requested a chocolate, chocolate, everything chocolate cake.  I ran out of frosting so he got a cream cheese center instead.  It was yummy!  I managed to find a few last minute gifts that even garnered a smile or two.  Ronny let Joseph handle the camera this year and we found this great pic amidst the set.  He did a great job!  Ben has been so excited to celebrate his birthday all week and wanted to invite his entire school class over to the house for a party.  Ronny reminded him it was and even birthday so we could only celebrate with the family.  Happy Birthday love, we surely do love you!