Saturday, February 21, 2009

Piano Lessons

Charley started piano lessons last month. We are all very excited for this for oh so many reasons, here are a few:
1. Charley really loves taking the lessons and learning to play piano.
2. Our piano is finally getting used for the intended purpose we purchased it for.
3. The boys love to play at the park right next door to the instructors apartment.
4. Mom finally gets to report to grandpa that Charley is now taking lessons.
5. We finally found a teacher we can afford, (I was a little shocked at how much people charge!)
6. We now have someone to accompany our song in family night (even if we are limited to the songs she is learning to play).

We will have to remember this advantages when the excitement wears off. Joseph is going to start informal guitar lessons from one of Ron's friend in the near future. He can't wait! Hopefully we can enjoy just as many reasons for him as well.