Thursday, September 13, 2007

First Day of School Take 2

Monday was Joseph's first day of school. He loves it of course. However, he has gotten it into his head that since he is now old enough to go to school he can do anything he wants including misbehave. He's been a pill this week. We asked him if acts like this at school. His response was, "Oh no mom, I am so good at school, I'm only bad at home." We told him if this continues he would have to wait one more year for kindergarten, he's finally getting the picture. He also informed us that his teacher makes them work to much and that they only get to play a little bit. There are only 11 kids in his class and the boy that sits next to him is on his soccer team. His parents are from Africa and his Dad teaches at OSU. They are great people and remind us so much of the Esseman's from Turlock. The school just redid their playground and Joseph says its "cool" he only wishes he could play on it longer at school. He is doing well.


Jon said...

Joseph: "No mom, im only bad at home." !!! are you serious!!?? you couldnt SCRIPT this stuff!!! love it.