Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween 2007

This was a typical Halloween for our family. What does this mean you may ask? This means Dad is MIA for most of it if not all and Mom scurries around trying to make sure everything is ready so we can get out the door. Ronny has been serving on a jury all week for the county and the judge decided to give them instructions that kept them longer than usual. (Apparently he didn't have kids to take out Trick or Treating!) A group of parents and friends in our little complex all get together for soup and appetizers for dinner at our community center and then head over to the Church for Trunk or Treating. So I cheated this year and did a quick soup from a pouch and pizza bites for the appetizer. After dinner we walked back home and I finished getting the kids into their costumes. I had to bribe Ben to put his on so I waited until we were headed out to wrestle him in it. As we were walking out the door Ronny walked in so he made it to a little of the festivities.

So here is our little costume parade. Yes by the way, I did make the costumes (all except for Ben's, you'll notice its a hand-me-down). I only wish you could hear Sam growl "Aargh, Matey!" Its hilarious. We named each kid and their costume: Charley Cat, Joseph Hood, Captain Sam, and Ben Dragon. These pictures aren't the greatest but I did my best! Joseph didn't have his crossbow during the picture and you can't see the feather we made for his hat either so you'll just have to pretend. When we asked the boys what they wanted to be for Halloween, they first asked what kind of swords or weapons they could have with their costumes. They are truly boys! The kids all designed their own Jack-O-Lanterns and drew them out so Dad could cut them. Unfortunately Dad forgot to cut Ben's out. Oh well.


Stephanie said...

Hilarious! The costumes are all so cute. The pictures are fantastic! Weapons or blood. That is what boys want. Girls want to be cute or pretty.

James & Anjanette said...

What cute costumes! They are all so cute (even the hand me down...I love that dragon!)

ps. I can't believe that Charley is almost eight!

Jon said... siese(?) to amaze me. Awesome job with the costumes. you're amazing. wish i could have been there. When i called, i was talking to sam, and joseph put his face up to the phone and yelled in, "Im Wobben HooOOOODDDD!" it was great. i love hearing their voices.

Sarah & Spencer (But Mostly Sarah) said...

I am so impressed with Denise's costumes and Ronnie's frosting. Happy Birthday Charlie! And they all looked so cute for Halloween.