Monday, March 03, 2008

February in Review!

February has come and gone without one blog from us. So much for the New Year's Resolution. Here are a couple of highlights from our month.
1. Valentine's Day - Charley, Joseph, and Sam all had Valentine's parties at school. For family night that week they all worked hard in writing out their valentines. Sam did an especially great job and worked for about 30 minutes straight which is saying something! Ben had a great time eating the candy that came home!

2. Girl Scout Cookie Season. This week brings to a close the long month of selling Girl Scout cookies. I volunteered to be the cookie coordinator for Charley's troop, not realizing everything that was involved. Charley did an amazing job this year and has sold 185 boxes. Way to go girl! She also volunteered to help out at booth sales when she wasn't even signed up. (There is a story behind that which we will save for another day.)

3. The stomach bug strikes again! I'm pretty sure this was not a highlight but everyone came down with a nasty stomach bug last week which put our schedules out of whack for a time. As you can see by this picture of Ben falling asleep in the middle of the floor (note the peanut butter jar!). We are happy to report it didn't last more than a day and everyone is feeling much better!

4. Ronny had the first of what we hope to be many phone interviews for an internship this summer. This one happens to be with Bosche and if he gets the job he will be in Pittsburgh for the summer. We should find out in a week or two. We are hoping for a few more interview dates with other companies soon.

March is now here and we are looking forward to Spring Break in a few weeks.


meg said...

That's exciting about the upcoming interviews ... keep us posted. Sorry about the stomach bug :( I HATE that!