Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another one bites the dust!

Yesterday was the last day of soccer for Charley and Joseph. Unfortunately both teams were blown away in their last games, thankfully the kids still had fun. The weather here decided to take an unexpected climb to the high 90's overnight so the kids were pretty worn out by the end of their game. With Ron being Charley's soccer coach we hosted an "end of the year" party for the team. We made pizza for everyone which made us very grateful our community room has a kitchen so that we could bake the pizza in a building with central air as opposed to our house. I made a soccer ball cake (more on that later) which the girls devoured in a matter of seconds and the girls and the parents enjoyed relaxing in a cool building. It was great fun!

Ronny has mixed feelings about the end. He really enjoyed coaching these girls and learned so much. Yet, he is happy to have time off for the time being. He is looking forward to coaching Joseph and Sam next year. The boys are pretty excited about that. Charley will move up to the next division and have longer games and more rules. We will see how that goes.


From the Farm said...

Ronny, the Soccer Coach! He has been aspiring to this role for sooooooo long. Getting his PhD might not even be as exciting.

From the Farm said...
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