Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sam's first day of school!

Sam's first day of preschool was earlier this month. I failed to take a picture of him before school so I vowed to take a picture after he came home. While I was searching for the camera to take his picture he and Ben sat on the couch to watch a movie. Here is what I found when I came back downstairs. I guess he had a pretty busy day! He is so happy to be back in school and looks forward to the one on one time with his Dad on the bus.

The day after school started he came home with a good little cough. I told him I his coughs didn't sound very good. He informed me his "bless you's" didn't sound very good either.


LizzyP said...

He looks exhausted! What a cutie! We missed out on calling him, but we'll try to catch up with you this week.