Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Joseph's Lost Tooth!

Joseph informed me a couple weeks ago he finally had a loose tooth. (He has watched all his friends loose a few and has been patiently waiting to join the club!) He worked diligently during that time to wiggle and pull it as much as he could. Ron and I have noticed that it was very loose and needed only a good tug to pull it free. He wanted to be the one to pull it free. Ronny wiggled it last night and finally broke the last bit of root still holding on. Amazingly it didn't come out then so Ronny told Joseph to give it a good pull. Joseph came down shortly there after to show me his tooth. He was so proud, it was adorable! I told him to put it under his pillow so the tooth fairy would come. He wanted to show his tooth in show and tell and was so worried the tooth fairy would take it. I informed him the tooth fairy and I were good friends and that I would let her know that he wanted to keep it. He was very much relieved!


Christa said...

awww, so sweet.