Sunday, September 13, 2009

"The Genius" or so they say....

Yesterday my brother-in-law called with a funny story about Ronny. He, (my bro-in-law), was at a board of directors meeting on Friday with the big dogs from the investment company that has invested in both the company that he works for and the company that Ronny will be working for. There he mentioned to someone that his brother-in-law was getting ready to start work. That guy then says, "Is he that genius coming in from the Northwest?". He laughed and said it was.

Later that day we went to that particular brother-in-law's company party with the family. A guy with whom he works with walked up to the table to be introduced to all of us. He then asks Ronny, "Are you the genius I've heard about?" Apparently he was also at the board of directors meeting. Ronny of course is doing everything he can to play this down but the rest of us are having a good time with it!