Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Ronny went to the ICAPS conference in Greece in September. He presented a paper on some of his research in Solitaire. His paper was awarded the best student paper award and he has since been asked to expand his research and submit it to the Artificial Intelligence Journal. (This is one of the big dogs in Computer Science). He has since expanded his research for his dissertation for his Phd so that work will be submitted to the journal. This is a really big thing in his field so we are very excited that his work has culminated into such success. He has since turned in his first draft of his dissertation which is another big hurdle, only a few more to go.

He has since started his job here in Utah and is enjoying it. They seem very happy with his work thus far as well. The company has just moved offices so his commute just got a little longer. However its still only about 20 minutes or less so things are good.