Thursday, April 15, 2010

Early Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!!!! I know its a little bit early but Ronny will be out of town which means I will not have time to blog then. So to all the Mom's, soon to be Mom's, and women wishing they were Mom's, here's to you and all your faith, time, and talents!

Usually Ronny takes great excitement in taking the kids to the store and helping them pick out presents for me. Its always a treat to see what the kids have chosen and what guidance their dad gave them.
A couple weeks ago I was at Costco picking up some things for our primary class conference party and came upon this booth selling these pictures. My sister has one hanging in her home and I have always wanted one myself. When I saw them I jumped and squealed like my kids on Christmas morning and went searching for the San Diego Temple. They had one in the smaller size but the frame was bigger than the print so I decided to go to the bigger one. The price was only $20 different so it was definitely worth it. They unfortunately did not have it there but they were offering free shipping. SOLD!I called Ronny at work and told him about the purchase and told him he was off the hook for Mother's Day. We have been trying to save up money for a down payment for a home but I just couldn't pass this up. I love it! They had several other pictures that I really liked too but I wouldn't look at their catalog in fear of wanting others. They will just have to wait until we can save up for decorating after we purchase a house. I can be patient (at least sometimes.....).


hvelarde said...

This is huge! Gotta love Costco! See you soon.