Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sam's New Accessory

Two weeks ago I received a notice home telling me Sam had failed yet another eye exam at school. He failed these frequently in preschool and every year we would go to the optometrist and he would tell us that yes his eyes were off but not enough to warrant glasses at that time. One year he had us eye patch him while he was watching t.v. or playing on the computer, that didn't last long. So yet again we headed to the optometrist. This time the verdict was glasses. We picked up the glasses this afternoon. After the technician put them on him she announced she would have to adjust them for his long eyelashes. He is pretty excited to have them, however I think the novelty of having them will wear off soon. I already find him taking them off and putting them down in random places. His Nana has told me several stories of his father doing the same thing as a child, I have no doubt we are in for the same trouble.


Stacey said...

ADORABLE. He already looks so smart. We just got Darin glasses too! We are waiting for the prescription to be cut and i am dreading trying to deal with him wearing them. He's excited, but like you, I know it will wear off. Good luck.

From the Farm said...

Hahaha! The glasses make him even more look like his dad. Love it!

LizzyP said...