Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Call for Prayer

So we have some news to share, I am pregnant and we are having a boy. This little guy however is really struggling. We saw a specialist today who gave us not so great news. Our ultrasounds are showing the baby is significantly behind in gestation and I have been diagnosed with Early IUGR (Intrauterine Growth Restriction). The causes for this are chromosomal deficiencies, virus, or placental insufficiency. I had an amniocentesis today to rule out the chromosomal deficiencies and any viral infections. If the results are positive for either of these two the baby will not survive. We should have the results back within 12 days. So, we are hoping and praying for placental insufficiency. This however brings with it its own complications but certainly better outcomes. My due date is in the middle of July but every day we get closer to that the better the chances this little guy will make it. The specialist is not very optimistic at this point but we are choosing to be so (we politely disagree). We can use all the prayers we can get! Pray for this baby to grow and be whole if it is His will and pray for us to have the strength to cope with what He has in store for us. This family is strong and our faith is just as strong.

We love you!

Ronny and Denise


Stephanie said...

You probably don't even know that I still look in on you from time to time. We will definitely remember your family in our prayers. Prayer is a powerful thing and as we all know the Lord knows what your family needs and will provide it to you and your baby.

Jennifer said...

You will be in my thoughts and prayers.