Thursday, May 24, 2012

Playing the Numbers Game

Ronny's blood tests came in late yesterday afternoon.  The doctor had originally said that if his pth level comes back over 40 he would be concerned of a second tumor.  Ronny's came back at 44.  In general this isn't considered high but following his surgery it was as low as 25 so it is heading in the wrong direction!  His blood calcium is at 10.2 this level is considered high at 10.3, I believe.  This also should have come down following surgery from what the surgeon told me when he came out to see me after the surgery.  So neither number is technically high but they are on the higher side.  Ronny's body could still be trying to regulate after having the tumor removed, however its been over a month so I'm not sure if I buy that so much.  He wanted to see Ronny back again in August for another follow-up.  If his pth continues to climb he'll most likely be sent back to the endocrinologist for another ultrasound to look for another tumor.  The surgeon thinks that if this is the case the tumor and gland may have moved down into his chest which doesn't make things easier.  So for now we wait.  I do have to say though that we are getting better at this waiting game, not sure if that is a good thing or not though at this point.


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