Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Ben's Baptism

 At the end of March Ben made the big decision to be baptized.  He was soooooo excited!  Ronny said that when they were in the changing room getting dressed for the confirmation that Ben quietly said to him, "I can't believe I am FINALLY baptized!"  In the process of getting ready we discovered the suit that his two older brothers wore at their baptism just may be big enough for him to wear as well.  He wore it for two weeks and then had outgrown it.
 We were fortunate to have Grandma Terri fly in.  Uncle Jon, Aunt Jennifer, Lincoln, and the Stenson families all drove in too.  We were sooooo happy that Ben was able to have the support of so many who love him, especially those who were not able to be there with us who wanted to be.  Ben and Darin Stenson were born just 2 months apart and we were excited to make the trip down to see Darin baptized this last week.  Who would have thought 8 years ago our two families would live so close to each other now in a completely different state!?!  Between us we each have one girl and almost a baseball team of boys.
 I'm sad we didn't get any pictures with Jennifer and Lincoln.  We will just have to make a trip to see them to rectify that!


hikoatheart said...

Congratulations Ben!!! We are excited to know you got baptized and only wish we could have come too. I can't believe he is that old! Where does the time fly? Our sixth just started walking yesterday and it surprises me to see her walking around the corner instead of crawling. Wyatt will be in San Antonio again in September and who knows maybe we will come with him. Thanks for the blog if was fun to read and catch up a little.