Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Deacon Amongst Us! and Space Center

Joseph had his big 12 birthday this last Monday.  Our ward had a temple trip scheduled for the youth on Saturday.  Joseph really did not want to have to wait 6 more months before going to the temple to do baptisms so we asked our Bishop if we could ordain Joseph during the week.  The bishop asked the Stake President for permission and the wheels set in motion to get Joseph to the temple!  Joseph was sustained last Sunday, ordained at home Tuesday night, attended the temple yesterday, and passed the Sacrament for the first time today.  It was a big week of 1st's for him!

We were lucky enough to have both Grandmothers and a cousin here this week.  My mom flew in last Saturday and left this last Wednesday.  We made a trip down to the Johnson Space Center in Houston while they were here.  It was lots of fun and very interesting!  As we pulled into the parking lot, this was pulling in at the same time litereally!

 This is the Independence.  We watched as they backed it into place and started cleaning it.  A few days later it was scheduled to be placed on top of the NASA 747 they have parked right next to it.  Quite the sight we had pulling into the center!

 My grandfather worked on the Saturn 5 rocket and it was fun having my Mom tell them stories about my grandfather and his trips here to the Johnson Space Center.  I have lots more pictures to sort through.  Unfortunately we didn't have time to see mission control as our time was limited and a couple of us had a little too much energy, but I want to go back and do the extensive tour, so much to see and learn!