Friday, August 15, 2014

Saying Goodbye to July and Hello to August!

The last few days of July were rather busy here.  Joseph had the first round of braces put on to get him ready for 4 more teeth extractions.  He only complained a little bit........

Ronny and I celebrated 16 years of marriage.  It just so happens that our anniversary is also National Cheesecake Day!  So off to the Cheesecake Factory we went.  They have my all time favorite appetizer, avocado wraps, YUM!

Ben successfully passed off his latest swim school!  He was soooo excited that he promptly demanded we enroll him in the next round!  We just may have found his "sport"!

And to end the month I found this creepy crawly in my living room.  I broke my broom bringing about his demise.  Ronny was out of town and when I reported I broke the broom killing this guy he asked if it was worth it, DEFINITELY!  Yuck!