Sunday, April 15, 2007

Easter and Sports

Yesterday was a fun day of sports for our family. Early in the morning the kids got up early as usual and were watching their favorite cartoons. I came down a little later and watched a little of Little Einsteins with the kids. After it was over Joseph stood up and said, "Mom I don't want to watch cartoons anymore, I want to watch baseball!" It was a proud moment for us. Ronny bought Joseph a new mit so Sam inherited his. They spent all afternoon playing catch outside.

Later that morning we all went to Charley's soccer game. She played goalie first. Like usual the other team dominated her team's side of the field and made quite a few shots on goal. However on their first shot Charley lays out and saves it, total diving catch! Did I mention it had rained earlier and was pretty muddy? Yep, she dove right into a mud puddle and saved the ball from the goal and stood up all muddy. That's my girl!!!! Too bad we didn't have the camera with us.

Last weekend we celebrated Easter. My mom was in town and celebrated with us. She had taken the kids to Target and got each one of them a new toy. Ben got a few new cars, Sam picked out a Hotwheels race track, Charley got Battleship, and Joseph picked out a bottle rocket launcher. Classic! Its rated for 10 and up yet my 4 year old has a rocket launcher. As you can imagine he is the favorite on the playground right now. Another lady and I organized a community Easter egg hunt on our field for the neighbors. We filled about 600 eggs expecting about 50 kids. Unfortunately the weather man was wrong about the weather being sunny, it poured on us! We only had about 20 kids show up so they made out well. Later that day Charley had a soccer game and then we decorated our own eggs. We have church early in the morning so we had to wake the kids up to hunt for their eggs. The boys each got a new church shirt and tie and Charley got new sandals to go with the dress Nana had brought on her visit. Unfortunately Sam did not like his shirt and we had to wrestle him down to put in on for church. Needless to say we weren't willing to fight him for a picture lineup. We'll have to do that another day. (This picture is of Sam explaining to all of us that this chocolate bunny is his but that the egg he is holding with a J on it is Joseph's)

We look forward to Uncle Jon's visit later this month.