Monday, April 02, 2007

New Rules

We just finished our spring break here. We had great fun with Nana while she was here and just played outside the rest of the week. For the most part we had good weather. We went to see "The Last Mimzy" while Nana was here. This was Dad's choice of family movies. It was a cute movie for Charley, however the boys did not appreciate very much. As soon as the popcorn was gone so were the boys. Up and running around the theater. Ron and I really got a good workout as opposed to sitting still for the duration of the movie.

The last weekend was conference weekend. Ronny had his Sunday School class over for the Saturday afternoon session again. These boys get a kick out of eating Ronny's insanity hot sauce while they are here. Unfortunately they tricked one of the girls into eating some. She was not amused and I was worried she was going to be sick. After a few trips to the bathroom and some milk and bread she seemed to feel better. I really felt bad for her.

Last night we were getting ready for cleaning up after dinner and starting to get ready for scripture time. I came into the family to find Sam pitching to Joseph who was using my vacuum cleaner wand as a bat. Every time he would miss Sam would rub it in. After a few wild pitches and a couple of hits we had to institute the new house rule, "NO Baseball in the House!" Ronny thought this was amusing but agreed to enforce the rule.

Grammy Terri arrives this week and Jon at the end of the month. We are sure to have lots more fun. We have also set Charley's baptism date for November 10th.


Jon said...

No baseballs in the house???!!!! no no can't be serious! I thought the policy was that something had to BREAK before you could institute that rule. I mean...they got so much learning in front of them to do. I can't believe this is happening...those poor boys....

James & Anjanette said...

Charley's baptism?!? What? It can't be! I would love to say that James & I will be there...but I'm not so sure that I can make such a commitment. We'll post it on the calendar right now.

PS. Jon's blogging? I thought he was so against it. It's nice to know that stories of his nieces & nephews keep him in this neck of the web. Good work, Denise.

LizzyP said...

I'm sure you've read "No, David". That's what your story reminded me of.