Sunday, October 07, 2007

Papa's Visit

Papa came to visit this week. The kids anxiously awaited his arrival on Thursday and were very excited he came to spend some time with them. Ben warmed up to him very quickly and he and Sam enjoyed playing animals with him. He also took the kids outside and played catch with Joseph and his friend Tyler, soccer with Sam, watched Ben sit in his toy car, and went to Charley's soccer practice. He then took us all out to Izzy's Pizza Buffet. The kids enjoyed every minute of it. Ben affectionately calls him KaKa and the next day walked around the house saying "KaKa uhoh" meaning where did he go. Sam also was a little teary when Papa left and did not come back the next day and is now begging to go to Papa's Barn.

Papa left the kids Border's gift certificates which they spent the next day. Sam picked out a dinosaur book, Joseph a baseball book, and Charley picked out two new chapter books one about fairies and one about the Underground Railroad. This last picture is of Ben, every time we pull the camera out Ben runs to the closet door and waits for his picture to be taken. Its hilarious!


LizzyP said...

Hey! How do WE sign up for a visit from Grandpa? That would be so much fun.

Travis and Megan Liston said...
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Travis and Megan Liston said...

Ronny, Hey bro!!! It is great to connect with you. Even if it is in Cyberspace. It looks like you and your family are growing quick and doing very well. Very cute kids.

My email address is: or Our blog is

We live up here in the Vancouver, WA area. Let me know if you ever travel to the Portland,OR area. I would love to catch you for lunch or dinner.

It is great to see you and Denise and your great family. Have a great day Bro!