Sunday, October 07, 2007

Soccer Season

I have been meaning to blog about the kids playing soccer but just haven't had the time, but today I have committed to catch up! So Charley and Joseph are both playing soccer this year. Ronny volunteered to be Charley's coach and its clear he is the more excited of the two! Ronny researches drills and stays up late figuring out the roster for game days, and pleads to buy more equipment. It won't surprise you that Ronny spent a good portion of his birthday money on more soccer balls for the team.

Charley's team is so much better than last year. So far they are 2-1-1, I don't think they even tied a game last year. Charley is much happier that her team is doing better and scoring goals for a change. She is a true team player and her skills are definitely improving. Charley is also learning the art of "shaking it off"!

The first game of Joseph's we quickly discovered the difference between boys soccer and girls soccer. These 5 year old boys push and shove and all fight for a piece of the ball. They rarely complain about an injury and after being tackled by the pack quickly jump up and dive back in. He has one little boy on his team that is truly amazing. In their last game he scored 5 goals in 3 minutes which meant he was pulled to let other kids get some action and give the other team a shot at scoring. He also has a boy on his team who gets mixed up about which way to shoot the ball. Its a riot to watch these kids!

Joseph scored a goal yesterday. We were all very excited as Joseph typically hangs out on the outside of the pack and waits for the ball to pop out. Yesterday however he was much more aggressive and held his own in the pack.

I have to say that I have dreamt of this time in my life that I would officially become a Soccer Mom. I love it!


LizzyP said...

Yay for soccer days! I remember those crisp Saturday mornings and oranges at half-time well.