Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Church Duds

Yesterday we took the kids to see the new movie Monsters vs. Aliens (I about had a heart attack when they told us it was $9.75 each for the matinee price!!!). The kids loved it, I would have loved to save the extra 3-D fee and watched it on video and seen something else. We then took the kids to Kohl's to do some shopping. We once again realized why we never take all 4 kids to the store at once! The boys picked out their own Easter clothes this year, they both requested a tie. Here's a picture of them with their new duds. (On a side note, Denise actually tied their ties this morning, not bad for someone who's never it done it before and who didn't grow up with brothers!)


LizzyP said...

I love Easter outfits. Way to go, Denise, on the tying those ties.

Becky said...

How fun for your kids! I remember new Easter outfits. It feels so nice to have something springy. It was good to read your comment on our blog. It was after a talk with my sister the previous evening that I decided to share my musings with the world.
I also got excited because your wording made it sound you might move closer. Any plans yet?

Anonymous said...

They are so cute!! Handsome boys! I need to get my kids outfits and pictures done!