Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sam's Shiner

(Unfortunately the flash drowned out how purple his eye really was.)

Sam had a rough week last week. Really we all did. Last week was our spring break (way too early in the spring if you ask me!). It didn't start off so great and didn't end so great either. Last Sunday Joseph, Charley, and Ronny stayed home from church due to a pretty icky cold. It sent Joseph to the emergency room later that day. He was diagnosed with croup, upper respiratory infection, and double ear infection. With Joseph's asthma it made everything worse and so we came home after a frustrating trip to the E.R. with 2 more prescriptions to add to what he is already taking and the instructions to stay indoors for the next 5 days. (Can we say cabin fever!!!!) We wanted to visit some friends in Bend, so much for that.

That same day Sam walked into the door knob of the bathroom door and got a nice shiner! The next day he was walking behind me and my watch caught him in the same eye. Poor kid! By the end of the week Ben had the same cold and Ronny is still trying to recover from the same one that we started with. We need a vacation from our vacation!


LizzyP said...

I sometimes wish I had a shiner to show for my rough week. Oh, well. Poor Sam. Extra hugs from Aunt Liz.

Stephanie said...

The theme song for your house was "I Will Survive".... maybe.