Sunday, July 05, 2009

Crazy 80's Prom

One of our friends here turned the big 30 a few days ago. She is a big fan of 80's music and dancing. Whenever the ladies go out we can always count on her shaking her hips to the music! Well for her birthday one of the ladies decided to throw her a surprise birthday party straight from an 80's prom! It was great! We decorated our community center to look like a prom complete with a photo-op corner and refreshments. We had sparkle lights and gold stars hanging down from the ceiling that we cut out and spray painted gold. We borrowed/made some clothes (some of the woman are way too creative for me!) and gathered together to do our hair and make-up to fit the mood before going out to dinner. All our kids looked at us like we were crazy of course.

While we were out the men put on the final touches and got into costume as well. The birthday girl's husband was awaiting our arrival outside the center holding a boom box over his head (anyone care to name that movie?????). I made a cake to look like the boom box to seal the deal. We even got Ronny to show us a few moves from his high school days. Everyone was a good sport and we had lots of fun.


Stephanie said...

Is it "Say Anything?"

You make amazing cakes by the way! That party looked awesome!

Stacey said...

Yeah, the party was awesome and so was that cake! Thanks again for everything it was an awesome Bday!