Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Utah House Photos

We've signed a lease this morning so we are committed for the next twelve months. We are moving to Daybreak in South Jordan. We found a great place to live across the street from a park and two blocks from the elementary school. We went to the school and got the registration paperwork to fill out to register the kids. I can't believe this is happening so fast. Here are some photos of the place we are renting. Be prepared, there are several.....

Kitchen, lots of space and we love the island!
(We need to buy a refrigerator and have it delivered before we get there.)

Stairs leading to upstairs.

View of the park from our front porch.

Front entry way and master bedroom off to the side.

Side yard and path leading to the garage. The red bark is going to be replaced with sod and a tree. (One of the down sides to this house is that the garage is not attached but something we can live with for now.)

Bathroom in the basement. (There is another one of these upstairs, I spared you pictures of both.)

Bonus Room/Family Room/TV room in basement (Joseph would call this the I can throw a ball in the house room!)

One of the bedrooms. There are 4 more just like it. (No that does not count the Master Bedroom, and yes there really are 6 bedrooms, and yes I know that's crazy!)

Loft area at the top of the stairs. We plan to make this into a reading/homework area for the kids.

Laundry Room (Just off a hallway from the kitchen)

Another hallway off the kitchen area with a half bath, coat closet and the door to the garage and side yard.

Counter in the Master Bath. The walk in closet is off to the left.

More Master Bath. The door shown is a linen closet.

Front Living Room and fireplace.

In total there are 6 bedrooms and 3 1/2 bathrooms and a total of 3500 square feet. We know this is an absolutely massive house that we will never begin to fill. We considered a smaller home at slightly less rent a month but the perks of this one out weighed the cost for us. Its close to the school, it has a park across the street, and the HOA comes included in the rent. The HOA on this one included both cable and internet so by the time we added that in the rent really wasn't that much difference on the two places. And those of you who are not familiar with this community let me tell what else the HOA covers. 2-3 pools, a lake complete with canoes, kayaks, and sail boats free to residents, snow removal (very important to us!), several parks, sand volleyball courts, basketball courts, tennis courts, community center, fitness center, a police substation, and plans to build another community pool right next to the elementary school and tons of kids. We love the place already!

So now that you know we have lots of room, we would love visitors! We have plenty of room, so come on by. I will send out our new contact info as soon as I set everything up over email. So if you want it and you aren't sure I have your email address be sure to include it in the comments section.


Christa said...

soooooo jealous. that's all I have to say. well not really, the kitchen is GORGEOUS! Everything is amazing and I can not believe the HOA!! Holy crap! We will totally come and visit!

aj said...

Wow! What a great house! Your kids aren't going to know what to do with all that room. They are going to looove it! nice to be so close to the school & a park.

buchananclan said...

Wow looks great!!!

Melissa said...

The house is pretty great and I love Day Break. Congrats, on the move. Now that you are in Utah maybe we will be able to see each other again. My email by the way is if you don't have it.

Cami said...

What a great place.

meg said...

Okay, you guys are killin me. My dream is to not only live in UT, but to live in DAYBREAK. My friends live there an love it. We'll be in UT for a month in August -- we'll definitely have to swing by!

Jennifer said...

Brian and I just drove through Daybreak when we went to the temple open house. Such a pretty area and your house looks so beautiful! I am not surprised you took so many pictures. Hopefully we can get together sometime after you get settled in.

LizzyP said...


LizzyP said...

With the cold, cold winters, and the hot, hot summers, I bet all that inside space will come in handy. Hey, maybe you should see if they'll keep that area bark so that you don't have to water it (unless they are going to install sprinklers right there). I mean, I know bark can get kicked around, but sod has to be watered like crazy for awhile--that's both expensive and labor intensive--and it's a high-traffic area anyway. Just a thought.

Lola said...

How fun! That big long staircase instantly reminded me of your family's house in Ranch Cucamonga. Good luck with the move, I hope it all goes smoothly.

Kristen said...

I've heard a lot of good stuff about Daybreak. Hope you survive the actual moving-in process!

S+S said...

Yay for Utah houses that are massive because of the basements. This one looks really nice. Congrats. We'll have to come visit on our trips to Utah.

Sants said...

What a great house!

Our Spokane home was 3900 sf and so from experience I can tell you that you are going to LOVE and HATE your house. It is GREAT for the kids to be able to spread out. The downsize is, the kids are spread out. It also took me two days to clean my house top to bottom.

Our new house is 2500 sf and it feels like a house for ants. BUT I think it will be a snap to clean!

Peggy Glasmann said...

Just making sure you have my email! It is
We're gonna miss you guys!

vocalise said...

Can we move in??? Gorgeous!