Sunday, August 09, 2009

We're Here

So we made it to South Jordan. I would say in one piece but some of our furniture wasn't in one piece. A few actually. Nothing that we were totally attached to so that's good. Apparently the EQ thought the blankets I put in the truck were for something other than putting around furniture? Oh well. Thanks to all those who showed up to help with the loading and the cleaning! I miss you all already!

The kids traveled well so that made our very long trip not so long after all. We made it to Burley the first day and were in So. Jordan by noon the next. We had great help from family and long time friends who are in the area. We are SO grateful to all of them!

Now the hard part begins (although its pretty much all been hard since we started this adventure!). Ronny flew back to OR today so the kids and I are teaming up to unpack and find places for everything. You never know how little you have until you look around and see all this empty space. Sam and Ben were so funny last night as they were talking back and forth in bed. Ben announced their beds were just too far away and that he would "fix" it in the morning. We just aren't used to so much space! I would post some pictures but at this moment I don't have a clue where the camera is.

The kids all enjoyed chruch this morning and asked if they could go back tomorrow. (Music to my ears!) Hopefully they all will find good friends. Tonight we have a family party for Joseph's birthday and tomorrow the "To DO" list from (well you know where) comes into play. Registering the kids for school is at the top of the list. Which reminds me, I need to track down that paper work.

Well off to work I go........


Jen said...

Congrats on getting to Utah! Good luck with the work in the next few weeks!

Stephanie said...

We saw Ronnie Sunday night at Rees' baptism. He seemed very bummed and said he was going to miss you guys all so much. I hope he gets back to you guys soon. BTW, I cannot believe how big the house is you are living in! Seriously who is going to clean that place? I would love the space though!!

David Ruth said...

Hi Ron, I don't know if you remember me. We graduated from THS in 1993. I was looking at the Alumni site and saw you were the contact for the 10th reunion. I was not able to go but saw your site and saw you moved to UT. That is interested we moved in August from Utah, Sandy to be exact. My family and I live in Richland, WA now where my wife grew up. I saw you are in South Jordon. I worked for Boart Longyear and they have their corp offices on South Jordan on Riverfront Pkway. Well I just wanted to say Hi.

David Ruth