Sunday, November 01, 2009

Oink Oink

Well, if you haven't heard yet, the swine flu has hit our family. After standing in lines, calling doctors offices and health departments, we were unable to get the vaccine for H1N1. This is extremely frustrating especially knowing that we are in the high risk group with asthma. However at the end of the day that frustration doesn't help anyone get any better so we are moving on and focusing on getting healthy and watching the kids really closely.

Joseph was able to get Tamiflu because he has asthma. Finding pharmacies who have it is another story altogether. Unfortunately no one has the children's form so they have to take the adult version and then the pharmacy has to break it down and mix it into a liquid and only compounding pharmacies are able to do that which means those pharmacies are being called on a lot! So its hit and miss who has some in stock. Thankfully after a few phone calls and referals we were able to track some down. (Not to mention its expensive!)

I don't know that its necessarily working. We started it within 30 hours of the first symptoms and he certainly has progressed with symptoms. His coughing is worse and the fever, chills, and body aches are still coming. His asthma is also worse but so far its not to the point of oral steroids, but that can always change at any time.

Sam also has the flu and Ben is heading that direction. Sam is certainly worse than Joseph so maybe the Tamiflu is helping some as Sam is not on it. We are going through Tylenol and Advil like crazy and know we are in this for the long haul.

Last night was tough on Sam and Joseph not being able to participate in Halloween festivities. Charley and Ben went out with Ronny but even they weren't totally into it. We were planning on dinner and fun with our cousins so I think the kids were really bummed not to be with them. Sam was sick with a stomach bug on his birthday earlier this week and Charley's birthday is on Wednesday. I think after everyone is healthy we will have to do something really fun with the kids to make up for all the junk around what normally is a happy time. Or maybe after all the make up work from school is done. Got any ideas on what to do?

We hear many of our friend in OR are getting hit hard as well. Our prayers go out to you and we hope you feel better soon. We love you and miss you very much and the kids ask to go back all the time!

On a happy note, Ronny's dissertation defense is scheduled for Dec. 1. Hooray! That light at the end of the tunnel gets brighter every day!


Jennifer said...

I am so sorry! I hope your kids start feeling better soon.

Stacey said...

I'm so sorry Denise, if any nurse can pull their kids through this it's you. I'll probably be calling you soon, since we are bound to get it. Hang in there!

S+S said...

that's a bummer. Hope you all get well soon.

meg said...

SOO dad. Hope they are all feeling better soon (and hope the rest of you don't catch it),

Sants said...

ARGH!!! Hope you all feel better soon!

There are no flu shots at all down here and my kids have colds, just colds, but FIVE healthy teens have died in our fair city from the piggy-sickness. As you know, we like to play asthma too, so my fingers are crossed!

When Rachel got influenza A the Dr put the whole family on Tamiflu, which I really appreciated, even though I had to buy the meds on a credit card and pay it off over the next THREE months. VERY PRICEY!!!