Friday, November 06, 2009

Oink Update

Joseph was prescribed Tamiflu and was sick for 5 days. We think with the combination of 2 asthma medications and the Tamiflu he skirted the worst of it. Ben and Charley ran fevers this week and had coughs and sore throats but nothing more than that. Both Charley and Joseph are back at school. Sam on the other hand is another story. He has been sick since Friday night. We just got back from the doctor this morning. They finally did the official H1N1 test and prescribed 3 new drugs for Sam. Looks like things took a bad turn last night and now he is being treated for viral and bacterial infections. His doctor is trying to beat out the pneumonia before it starts. He's now on cortico steroids, zithromax, and albuterol treatments. If things aren't better tomorrow morning we have to go back. What else is there to do other than hospitalize him???? GRRRR.... I wanted that shot!


Sants said...

They should have put the whole family on Tamiflu as soon as one of you got it.

That's what our Doctor in Spokane did when Rachel got Influenza A and B (we were all vaccinated but got it anyway). It was SUPER expensive, but worth every cent.

It' frustrates me when Drs. don't do that, especially in families with asthma.


And get well soon!

Stacey said...

How is Sam now? I'm so sorry. Rees is home today with pretty much the same symptoms, we'll see where this goes....