Sunday, January 31, 2010

And the Story Continues....

Last night at dinner I noticed my Dad's hand was bright pink where the finger used to be. I asked him if it hurt. He said it did and that the pink area seemed to be getting bigger. About 10 last night he called me in to look at it again and I noticed an abnormal growth that hadn't been there at dinner time and asked him again if it was hurting. He said it was worse than at dinner. I told him I would be back in 15 minutes to look at it again. I came back later with a marker and circled the growth (now I realize I should have circled the pink area as well). The blister type growth was certainly bigger than before. I told him to call the doctor and went to get my shoes on.

We still hadn't heard from the doctor so we went ahead and went back to the ER. Well the ER was packed! We waited patiently (I can't say that for everyone in there) and were finally called into triage and then we waited again until they had a room open. We came prepared with our books. The triage nurse thought that was hilarious and wished everyone came in on Saturday nights so prepared.

The ER physician could not get a hold of the doctor either (later we found out he was out of town) so he tracked down our doctor's back up and together they decided to put him back on the IV. They had to order that twice as they lost the first batch so we finally made it home about 3:00 a.m. The ER doctor wasn't familiar with the pump procedure so he originally ordered separate IV doses every 4 hours. Thankfully the IV pharmacy called this morning and said they were changing the prescription back to the pump and canceled the nurse who was supposed to come as we already knew what we were doing. He'll see his doctor again on Monday and we'll find out what the next step is. We thought this was over, but apparently this bacteria had other intentions.


Sants said...

Wow! Thank goodness (once again!) that you are there to help out your dad. This super bacteria thing is very scary!