Monday, January 18, 2010

Sledding Frenzy

We finally convinced some friends from Oregon to come visit us this holiday season. (Of course having their relatives here helped some too, but only just a little.....:) Our two families spent many hours together in the rain and cold of Oregon and we all couldn't wait until they got here. Denise had some much needed time with Stacey, Ronny and Jared had their BYU and Phd chats, and the boys had their much needed time with their friends from "home" as they call it.

As soon as they arrived and the hugs were done being dispensed, we immediately pulled out the snow gear and headed outside for some sledding. (Thankfully the park across the street has built-in sledding hills so we didn't have far to go.) We managed to scrape up enough snow clothes for all the kids and adults believe it or not. Their boys were a little timid at first but that didn't last much longer than the first time down the hill. Once we were all frozen we headed inside for some hot chocolate while Stacey and Denise started on dinner. We pulled out the tables and the feasting began. After dinner we all headed downstairs for some Wii challenges. Poor Sam was demolished by Jared in boxing and had a melt down. We convinced their boys to stay the night so the kids could get as much time with them as possible.

As soon as the sun crested the kids wanted back outside for more sledding. I think if you asked my kids what their favorite present for Christmas was, they would hands down say time with the Stenson's! I couldn't agree more.


Stacey said...

That really was a lot of fun. Thanks for hosting us. The pic of the older kids is so cute. We'll have to do it again sometime!