Sunday, May 16, 2010

House Update

This last Friday night the kids and I headed over to the house to see what had been done this last week. Some good friends of ours came along to check things out as well. We discovered the carpet installers were just finishing up laying the carpet as we came in. Unfortunately they were just finishing putting in the WRONG carpet! The carpet chosen for this house before we purchased it was midnight blue, not really up my alley! We went to the design center 3 weeks ago and changed to a dusty brown color called Harvest Sable. Apparently someone didn't get the paperwork for the change. I picked up a scrap of the carpet and asked the installer what color this was. He told me black! I told him he had just laid the wrong carpet. I don't think he spoke much English so I'm not sure he understood me. So on Saturday we went into the sales office to pick up something and see the builder's realtor. We told her about the carpet and she immediately apologized and confirmed we had picked out a brown/beige carpet. She told us she would call the design office first thing Monday morning and we told her would do the same. She assured us they would fix this. Hopefully this won't push our completion date back too far.

On a happy note, the formica counter tops that were originally installed have been removed and the quartz counters we picked out have been installed. They look great. I need to remember to take a camera next time so that I can post the progress.


enSTYLEpedia said...

yes you do need to bring a camera!!
i'm so glad the carpet thing got worked out!!

Stacey said...

welcome to the world of building...gees. How exciting though!