Thursday, May 27, 2010

Long Nights Part 2

After returning home Joseph was feeling pretty good. The morphine and lidocaine shots worked longer than I had anticipated. Ronny surprised Joseph with IN N OUT for dinner that night. (This is Joseph's favorite!) Our great neighbor across the street kept the kids entertained all day and sent home some food with us when I picked them up. We are truly blessed to have her next door!

When it came time for bed, Joseph surprisingly went right to sleep. Unfortunately we had to wake him up only a couple hours later to give him his medication. At that point he really felt the pain! He cried and fussed for a good two hours not being able to be consoled anymore. At that point I just crawled into bed with him and held him. We had Ronny set up the laptop on top of his dresser and we watched Star Wars the rest of the night. Sadly he would finally fall asleep and then have to be woken up shortly there after for his antibiotics. I think be both only managed about 2 hours of sleep that first night.

Yesterday was better than we hoped. The other kids were able to distract him most of the day. I couldn't seem to convince him to take a nap though. I took him to karate for a few minutes to watch the new moves he would need for his test when he gets his splint off. He managed about 20 minutes before asking to go home. His sensei is great and is missing a couple fingers and his left leg so he totally understands what Joseph is feeling.

After dinner Uncle Aaron and Aunt Meghan came over for a visit. Joseph loves Aaron! (probably because Joseph is a carbon copy of him in personality). Aaron had him laughing hysterically which was good to see. We took them over to the new house and gave them a tour. We were pleasantly surprised to find the house complete aside from the new carpet and landscaping. (I think we may close sooner than expected!)

When we finally got him in to bed he was hurting again. I think the nights are harder because there are no distractions from the pain. He and I ended up watching more Star Wars but did manage about 4 hours of good sleep. An improvement which we hope continues.

The kids go back to school next Tuesday. Joseph is very worried. He knows that the end of the year tests start as soon as they go back. We are not sure how this will work as he can't write with his right hand. We plan to practice with his left one in the next couple days. For a kid who gets out of work anyway he can, he is surprisingly concerned about these tests. It will work out, I'm sure Joseph is not the only kid who breaks an arm or hand right before tests.


Stacey said...

It's like a new born again! You guys always function on no sleep, I don't know how but you do. Glad he's doing better.

Kirbell said...

I agree with Stacey! Like a newborn. Hope he gets better fast!