Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dry Creek Pediatric Dentistry Rocks!!!!

I just got a call from our kids dentist's office. They were having a contest on facebook for a nook and new TV. Apparently I won the TV!!!! Merry Christmas to Ronny!!! He has been wanting to get a new TV for a while but with all our hospital bills, that just wasn't in the budget.

So since we are the happy winners I will just take a minute to gush about how much we love the kid's dentist. Dry Creek Pediatric Dentistry is in Lehi and yes I am willing to drive 30 minutes to take my kids there through the most frustrating construction on the planet even though there are a ton of pediatric dentists right down the street because he is that good! That is how much we love Dr. Branton Richter. He and his staff are great with my kids and my kids cheer when I tell them we are going to the dentist. He does laser work which makes the kids getting cavities filled sooooo much easier. I also love that when I call for an appointment I can get all 4 kids in at once. How awesome is that!?! Dr. Branton is meticulous with my kids teeth to make sure they are perfect which is what you want in a dentist!

So if you are interested, go "like" them on facebook and enter the next drawing.


Stacey said...

that is so awesome! You guys deserve it!

Sean Shen said...
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