Saturday, December 10, 2011

Oh What A Feeling

So you know that feeling of dread when you find yourself heading to the Emergency Room for a loved one, or you get a phone call that something terrible has just happened, or you're waiting desperately for news of someone you care deeply for that has been in an accident, you know that panic feeling that if you let it go can get way out of hand, you get the idea right? That feeling for me hovers right between my shoulder blades and causes my muscles to tense up. I have lived with that feeling for most of this year, especially every time the phone would ring. (Even now the phone ringing still sends shivers through me sometimes). It really takes its toll after a while and at some point I just got used to it always being there.

Late last night we received a text letting us know there was a sweet someone in our family that needed some prayers. Our knees immediately hit the floor as was requested. When we were done I realized that terrifying feeling was back. I had to take a few deep breaths to calm myself down and put things into perspective. I realized that A: Somewhere in the last month or two that constant feeling must have gone away for it to be back now. B: If A is correct then I can deal with this now and it will eventually go away again. Even with those new realizations it still took until a text this morning sending news that everything was ok for that tension to release completely. I really hate that feeling!


aj said...

THANK YOU for your prayers! I knew that once the text was sent to my parents that it would only be a matter of minutes until prayers on behalf of our boy would be sent to heaven from all of our siblings. I knew my mom would let you all know & I'm so glad she did. Thank you! The feeling of peace and safety overcame me...You know the feeling.

Sant Family said...

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I still have it but it does get better.