Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Face Time

Ronny left for his big business trip this last Sunday.  He flew to London for meetings then they took a train to Brussels the following day.  The kids have enjoyed doing face time with him on our new computer.  Our older computer didn't have a camera and I don't know that it would have supported face time so we bit the bullet and got a new computer, or new to us as it's refurbished from Apple.  I pretty much let Ronny take care of it and get want he wanted.  Next time I may have to reign him in some as I opened the box to a massive computer!!!  I laughed I told him I didn't think we were buying a TV but it sure feels that way, especially when he tells me it has better HD then our new TV upstairs!

With the time difference Ronny gets online right when the kids are getting home from school.  Unfortunately its about midnight his time which makes for a very long day for him.  I think having the kids be able to see him though makes his absence not so hard for them, although I am sure they will be excited when he does finally make it home.

Ronny has commented on the really rich food and of course the chocolate!  He loves trying new things so I am sure he is in heaven.  He seems pretty wiped out each evening so I know he is busy.  Ronny is a home body.  He likes to travel but only for a couple days unless we are with him.  Usually about the 3rd day he is gone he will start to get pretty homesick, that's usually when I get the whiney phone calls about wanting to come home.  I think with all the busyness and the fact that we severely limit the phone time (as its $1.50 per minute) has helped with the homesickness.  I think the crazy time difference helps a little too.

We are gearing up here for a really busy week starting tomorrow so we won't have too much time to miss him either.  Between soccer, state debate finals, more soccer, and my sister's wedding next week we will be running on overdrive!  If all goes well Ronny will make it home for the wedding, hopefully just in time to help with the kids while I make the cake!