Thursday, April 12, 2012


So before I start with the updates let me just say I was NOT planning on taking this picture, Heaven knows I would be pretty irritated if Ronny had taken one of me like this, but he insisted and had it posted to his Google+ account before we left the hospital so I figured it was blog worthy here.

Ronny's surgery went well. Getting his IV didn't go so well. It took 3 tries, lots of oxygen, and lots of extra attention from the nursing staff! I think that was the worst part for him. His tumor was removed and his PTH levels were cut more than in half immediately so Dr. Hunt was sure it was just the one gland affected. He did check 2 others though to make doubly sure. Ronny also had a few swollen lymph nodes which concerned the doctor so he had those biopsied while the blood tests were run. Those came back benign so as far as we know we are done other than a follow up visit. All went smoothly so he was able to come home this afternoon. Ronny is still pretty groggy and is in some pain but he is listening and taking his pain meds and is now sleeping.

He is cleared to go back to work tomorrow although we'll make that decision in the morning. He can't drive and is usually pretty out of it when on prescription pain meds so I get to help make that call tomorrow! The doctor told him he can't run for at least 7 days and then only mild activity after that, the nurse told him mild activity did not include running. He is not so happy about that. Thankfully the doctor wrote that down in the discharge notes so there is no arguing for at least 7 more days on that topic.


Stacey said...

I was thinking about you guys yesterday...glad everything went well, that is good news!!

Speedy recovery Ronny!

Sant Family said...

So glad that it's all benign and you guys can mark this one down in the history books, too. You guys are the odds-busters for sure!